Sean Doty – Welcome New Team Member

Share This:We are thrilled to welcome Sean Doty as our newest team member. He will be serving in the role of Engagement Manager for SmarterProctoring. Sean will be working in our Grand Rapids, MI office. Sean was born and raised in Northern Michigan and attended Michigan State University (Go Green!). While there, he graduated with… Read more »

CBE Summit at University of North Carolina

Share This:On Thursday, May 25th, The University of North Carolina is holding the 2nd annual Competency Based Education CBE Summit in Chapel Hill, NC. We are so honored to be apart of the special day, jam-packed with thought leaders and early adopters of CBE across the country. Well known Dr. Michelle Weise, Executive Director, Sandbox Collaborative,… Read more »

SmarterServices Fresh New Look

Share This:May is our month for new beginnings! Don’t you just love do-overs and second chances? Goodness knows we all need them every now and then. What about when you clean out your laundry room and organize everything. Maybe you hang a shelf or two and spruce it up with a new rug and a hamper?… Read more »

Hardest Colleges to Get Into in Every State

Share This:According to Business Insider, you may be wrong about the schools in which you think are hardest to get accepted. With an acceptance rate of 8.8%, California Institute of Technology leads the way being the hardest college in America to get into. Share This:

Technology Challenge for Adult Students

Share This:Yes, technology challenge a real thing. There are many levels of technical competencies among adults. They range from knowing how to work a smartphone and basic email to downloading the latest and greatest apps to organize every aspect of their life and everything in between. But it’s those unprepared adult learners who are returning to… Read more »

Resource Management – Key for CBE

Share This:Continuing in our twelve-part blog series designed to help students know if enrolling in a Competency Based Education (CBE) program is a good decision for them, today we visit “Resource Management “. The twelve factors that will be explored are experience, motivation, availability of time, support, CBE program knowledge, educational background, technology skills, financial assistance,… Read more »

OLC Innovate Conference Round-Up

Share This:Mac, Kim, and Carol just returned from The Big Easy last week. They had a great week in New Orleans at the OLC Innovate conference. WOW! What a great event! It was 4 jam-packed days of meeting clients, making presentations, shaking hands, and giving out blinky buttons (our newest piece of swag). We were honored… Read more »

Mac Adkins SmarterServices Founder Turns 50

Share This:On April 8, 2017, Dr. Mac Adkins celebrated being half a century old! Yep, that’s right…Mac is the BIG 5-0! To “celebrate” we thought we greet him in all black at the office! We love and appreciate our leader. He is a self-admitted conservative-educational-entrepreneur which we are pretty sure is an oxymoron! An educator… Read more »


Share This:“I am so glad that I waited until the last minute to finish that project. It wasn’t stressful in the least bit”, said NO ONE EVER! Why do we do it? Or in this case why do we NOT do it? Procrastination is a productivity killer, time robber, and success mocker. Who would choose… Read more »