Action Attributes – Key for CBE

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Continuing in our twelve-part blog series designed to help students know if enrolling in a Competency Based Education (CBE) program is a good decision for them, today we visit “Action Attributes”.

The twelve factors that will be explored are experience, motivation, availability of time, support, CBE program knowledge, educational background, technology skills, financial assistance, reflective attributes, action attributes, academic skills, and resource management.

Action Attributes – Part 10 of A Dozen Things To Think About Before Starting A CBE Program

ACTION ATTRIBUTES:action attributes

Gandhi – “The future depends on what you do today.”

Pablo Picasso – “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Zig Ziglar – “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”

Do you want a better life for yourself and those you love?  At SmarterServices we firmly believe that Education Makes Life Better.  The number one way to break the cycle of poverty and to improve one’s situation in life is to attain a higher level of education.

It is one thing to desire to make your life better through education and another thing to actually attain that higher level of education.  Obviously you are interested in continuing your education and are considering doing so through a Competency Based Education program or you would not be reading this information.  To turn that dream into reality you must be a person of action.

In fact, the degree to which you are a person of action is a good indicator of the goodness of fit of a CBE program for you.  In most CBE programs you are not granted credit just for sitting in class.  You are granted academic credit for the demonstration of mastery of a set of competencies.  The way that you demonstrate that mastery may be up to you to determine.  This requires the action attribute of INITIATIVE.  Unlike traditional degree programs where students just sit back and have content spoon-fed to them, in a CBE program you will be expected to take initiative to demonstrate and document your own mastery of the competencies.

Another very important action attribute in a CBE program is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Much of the work that student’s do in a CBE program may be done independently.  There may not be a faculty member “looking over your shoulder” to make sure you are doing the work.  One of the benefits of a CBE program is that students are able to proceed at a pace that is right for them.  To make sure that you stay on track and are making progress you need to be accountable to yourself or someone else.  If you have a tendency not to do the things you know you should be doing, then you should consider finding someone to be an accountability partner for you.  This might be your spouse, a relative, a friend or maybe a fellow student.

A third action attribute is GOAL SETTING.  Well, setting goals is the easy part.  The real action comes in the purposeful process of attaining that goal.   Success Magazine provided Four Tips for Setting Powerful Goals.   (1) Evaluate and reflect.  (2) Define your dreams and goals. (3) Make your goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  (4) Have accountability.

If you are a person of action, if you like to set you mind to something and then eagerly start working for it – then you will love being in a CBE program.  Since CBE programs are customized you will have a strong sense that you are on a personal pathway to success.  So as you are considering a CBE program ask yourself, “Am I a person of action?”  If your answer is yes, then get busy and enroll in a program today.

This blog series is provided by Dr. Mac Adkins who is the CEO and Founder of SmarterServices which is the provider of the CBE Readiness Indicator which is powered by the SmarterMeasure Assessment Engine.    Mac holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and for the past three decades has served in leadership positions at multiple universities and for the past fourteen years has served as the CEO and Founder of SmarterServices.  During this period of time SmarterServices has measured levels of student readiness of over 3.8 million students from over 500 colleges and universities. 

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