International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

Share This:Do you know what’s happening today? Thousands of people all over the country are coming together for a common cause to take action against contract cheating. Contract Cheating is a “form of academic dishonesty where students get academic work completed on their behalf, which they then submit for academic credit [and/or advantage] as if they… Read more »

Mentoring Program to Begin January 2018

Share This:We are super excited to announce the SmarterServices mentoring program! In prepping for a recent blog post about the impact technology has on the ways mentors teach, I had the opportunity to learn about successful mentoring programs. As an educational company with a team of committed lifelong learners, it only makes sense for us… Read more »

Conference on Testing Security Roundup

Share This:By: Dr. Mac Adkins – CEO/Founder Recently, I participated in the Conference on Testing Security hosted by the University of Wisconsin Madison. I went as an attendee and not as an exhibitor or speaker (like usual) which gave me the opportunity to attend sessions. One fact was obvious: when it comes to testing security,… Read more »

Impact of Technology on Professional Learning

Share This:Next up on the blog series “Education & Technology – Relationship Status“, we are looking at the role technology is playing in educating our professionals. Earlier this week, we examined the impact technology is having on student learning. While professionals can be students, students are not always professionals. Therefore, their learning process often looks a… Read more »

Impact of Technology on Student Learning

Share This:Next up for our blog series, “Education & Technology – Relationship Status“, we are moving on to “learning”. Last week we focused on “teaching” and the impact technology has on faculty and mentors. This week, we are going to take a look at how students and professionals learn through technology, starting with student learning…. Read more »

Evacuees with Proctoring Sessions Scheduled with SmarterProctoring

Share This:ATTENTION DISPLACED EVACUEES WHO MAY HAVE A PROCTORING SESSION SCHEDULED WITH SMARTERPROCTORING OR BVIRTUAL: If you are being or were affected by Hurricane Irma, please know that we are working with testing centers and B Virtual to make sure your testing needs are being met. You may request refunds for any exams that were… Read more »

Impact of Technology on Mentor Teaching

Share This:Continuing our blog series, “Education & Technology – Relationship Status“, let’s talk about mentors teaching and how they can use technology to create a mentoring program and reach a larger audience. An audience in which demographics do not limit rather lends itself to diverse accessibility. In Tuesday’s post – Impact of Technology on Faculty… Read more »

Hitting the Road this Fall

Share This:Good bye August, hello September! School is officially back in session and we are gearing up for a busy travel schedule this Fall. Mac, Devan, Sean, Jason, Carol, and Alan are all hitting the road and hope to see you somewhere along the way. We love to meet with clients every chance we get…. Read more »