Miami Dade College On-Campus Visit

Share This:It is no secret that we are strong advocates of distance learning. In our daily communications, we collaborate electronically with over 400+ client colleges and universities across the nation. However, it is a special treat when we get to meet with our clients face-to-face on their campus. This week, our company President, Dr. Mac… Read more »

2013 SmarterMeasure Admin Trainings

Share This:Every month we provide two complimentary training sessions to all current clients who wish to brush up on their knowledge of SmarterMeasure of those who may be new to the position of SmarterMeasure administrator. In the 30-minute webinar trainings we walk through each of the admin features including customizations, assessment configuration, accessing analytics, best… Read more »

2012 Student Readiness Report Released

Share This:SmarterServices, LLC, the provider of the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator, annually analyzes the SmarterMeasure data in aggregate of all of the students from the prior year who have taken SmarterMeasure. No data specific to individual students or individual schools is made publicly available. Data in the 2012 report was taken from 690,479 unique students… Read more »

Thinking Thursdays – 2013 Winter Blog Series

Share This:Last summer we started Friday Fun blog series which proved to be an interesting experience.  Blogging about everything from pictures of clients at conferences, internal typing competitions, andstaff interviews, Friday Fun served as an easy way to welcome the weekend.  In the fall, we launched our Wordless Wednesdays blog series.  It included various images posted on Wednesdays with a follow-up… Read more »

Proactively Advising At-Risk Students

Share This:Identifying at-risk students is a job schools are now taking seriously.  Recognizing the close relationship between ill prepared students and retention, proactive strategies are helping schools reclaim students before it is too late.  According to Joe Murray, director of academic advising and retention services at Miami University, an “intrusive advising” approach is crucial based on research… Read more »

2012 Student Readiness Report Released Next Week

Share This:SmarterServices is the expert in student readiness data.  We have been collecting student readiness data for over a decade.  In 2009, we released the first Annual Student Readiness Report.  Next week the 2012 Student Readiness Report will be released. It includes data from over 690,479 students at 324 higher education institutions.  To review reports from… Read more »

Learn Something New in 2013!

Share This:Welcoming a new is an exciting time! Considering past accomplishments can bring us great joy and hope for the future. Reflecting on missed opportunities can make us more aware of our surroundings and help us renew our commitment to make a difference in our corner of the world. In preparation for this blog post,… Read more »