California Community Colleges & Online Education Initiative

Share This:The state of California is taking online student success seriously. They have set a new standard of what can be done when educators have an objective, get a plan, and pool resources together. The Online Education Initiative (OEI) is a collaborative effort among California Community Colleges (CCCs) to ensure that significantly more students are… Read more »

SmarterMeasure Approaches 4 MILLION Students

Share This:Can you believe it? We are swiftly approaching 4 Million students that have taken SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator. As of this morning, we are at 3,961,830 students. Do you remember when we celebrated hitting the 1 Millionth student? Let me refresh your memory…it was September of 2011. We ordered tshirts that said “I’m one in a MILLION”… Read more »

2017 Conference Schedule – Let’s Get Together

Share This:It’s that time of year when we have finalized our 2017 conference schedule and updated the travel calendar. In our planning meeting late last year, we took a hard look and closely evaluated conferences that we’ve attended in the past. Our process consists of evaluating several criteria including: Time of year ROI from past years… Read more »

Technology Skills – Key for CBE

Share This:Continuing in our twelve-part blog series designed to help students know if enrolling in a Competency Based Education (CBE) program is a good decision for them, today we visit “Technology Skills”. The twelve factors that will be explored are experience, motivation, availability of time, support, CBE program knowledge, educational background, technology skills, financial assistance, reflective… Read more »

SmarterServices’ Predictions in Ed Tech 2017

Share This:On Tuesday, I shared some ed tech predictions reported by Education Dive from interviews at CIOs from four colleges and universities. I promised a glimpse at what a few of our team members see as the most significant trends or predictions for 2017, when looking into their crystal ball! Julie Owen – Chief Sales… Read more »

The Day Higher Ed DATA got Personal-One Mom’s Story

Share This:When your own kid becomes a statistic, predictive analytics, big data, and “improving practices” goes from a legitimate business concern to “them’s fightin’ words”. I am the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for SmarterServices. I have four children, ages 21, 18, 14, and 2. At the risk of sounding stereotypical and giving in to… Read more »

Ed Tech Trends & Predictions for 2017

Share This:Want to know what to watch for and just what’s on the horizon for ed tech in 2017? Education Dive recently interviewed 4 CIOs asking for their predictions concerning ed tech for 2017. While eCampus News got trends from 14 higher ed professionals. Learn what they have to say and stick around to hear our team… Read more »

Assessment Company-SmarterServices’ Evolution

Share This: Evolving is defined as the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.  We measure everything nowadays, yes? We measure our children’s height, our steps, the value of a dollar, and every kind of analytic you can slap on a spreadsheet. The common thread that runs through everything we measure… Read more »

7 Promises SmarterServices Will Keep in 2017

Share This:As we mentioned last week, 2016 held lots of new growth and some challenges. Part of our goal set in 2017, is to restore confidence of our service level to our SmarterProctoring clients. Below is a list of things of promises you can expect SmarterServices to keep in the new year and beyond. Timely… Read more »