SmarterServices’ Predictions in Ed Tech 2017

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On Tuesday, I shared some ed tech predictions reported by Education Dive from interviews at CIOs from four colleges and universities. I promised a glimpse at what a few of our team members see as the most significant trends or predictions for 2017, when looking into their crystal ball!

Julie Owen Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
“As new technologies continue to emerge and evolve, I predict that the line between face-to-face, traditional, brick and mortar learning and “distance learning” of the late 90s will blur until it is erased altogether. The days of isolated “elearning departments” and “face-to-face” classes as independent options are fading as schools recognize the hybrid model as the best of both worlds. Even those “old-school” faculty who are traditionalist at heart can no longer ignore the evidentiary support. Get onboard or get left behind, has never been truer than in 2017, as increased demand for more affordable college options, more flexible learning paths, and as CBE expands.”

Alan Manley – Sr. Solutions Consultant
“I expect to see a growing focus on CBE that will generate a large influx of sales in the marketplace with new solutions developed specifically for CBE programs”.predictions crystal-ball

Tara McLaughlin – National Account Manager
“I anticipate the full release of our new Assessment Engine to take off in 2017 and bring in new business in higher ed as well as other markets like corporate and Latin America. I also predict when the new president takes office, his agenda will ease up the pressure on for-profits which will recoup some enrollments. This movement will then open up the CBE learning model to additional schools continuing to make it the hottest topic of education in 2017.

Dr. Mac Adkins – CEO/President

Leslie Grill – SmarterProctoring Project Manager

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