SmarterServices – Redefining our Company Brand

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We are SmarterServices Full-Spectrum Assessment Services Company. Recently we launched our internal campaign to embrace our new branding strategy. Previously we’ve focused on both SmarterMeasure and SmarterProctoring as independent brands/products. As our company grows and evolves into more a full-spectrum assessment services company, we are migrating to our master brand of SmarterServices.

Dr. Mac Adkins, Fearless leader from sunny Panama City Beach, FL

The theme chosen for the day was “Bringing It All Together” to demonstrate how our services are expanding and will work together to meet the needs of client schools and their students across the country. We had a little fun with our photos showing some of our team in scenic locations.

Carol, Alan, and Tara enjoying divine beignets from Cafe Du Monde in NOLA at the BbWorld conference.

It’s such a pleasure to work with colleagues that you consider family. Our company has a warm, collegial, loyal culture. In which we depend on one another, appreciate each other, and work hard to accomplish our goals as a company. We recognize initiative and reward hard working talent.

Holding down the fort at corporate HQ “verizon style” Eddie, Devan, EmaLee, and Julie

Getting our group together in Grand Rapids, MI took a little while as some of them are in development and they’ve been feverishly working to get our new rebuild of SmarterProctoring finished. Sean Doty, our newest Engagement Manager also works out of that office and is pictured on the far left.

Sean, Jordan, Jason, and Andrew P sporting the “hands in pocket” look!

What’s that? You like those blue shirts? If you’d like to be a part of #TEAMBLUE, email with your guess of what you think is on the back of the shirt. The closest guesses, will receive in the mail your very own “Bringing it all TOGETHER” shirt! Come back in a couple of weeks and I’ll include pics of our other team members and unveil the back of the shirt!

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