Mentoring Program to Begin January 2018

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We are super excited to announce the SmarterServices mentoring program! In prepping for a recent blog post about the impact technology has on the ways mentors teach, I had the opportunity to learn about successful mentoring programs. As an educational company with a team of committed lifelong learners, it only makes sense for us to launch a program sharing some of our knowledge and expertise. We are looking for five dedicated young professionals who are highly motivated and interested in committing personal time to complete our program. Interested parties should complete the survey link below for consideration. The initial screening will be followed by additional questions and phone interview.



  • Mentoring Program
    • Program will run 90 days Jan-Mar 2018
    • 3-5 mentors will participate in the program from SmarterServices including at least 2 C-level
  • What we expect from the Mentee
    • Mentee must be willing to commit up to 5 hrs per week for the full 90-day program
    • Mentee will be asked to complete 6 assignments; approx. 1 every 2 wks
    • Mentee will complete at least one reading assignment (book from pre-selected list which we will provide)
    • Mentee will provide a one-page reflection paper about his/her experience to be published on the corporate blog
  • What Mentee can expect from SmarterServices’ mentors & the program
    • Mentor makes 10 introductions to key professionals in various industry (decided upon)
    • Mentor(s) will teach mentee to proficiency 3 new skills/software/technologies (decided upon)
    • Mentor will work to expand professional network of mentee via LinkedIn, connections in higher ed, and/or professional in their field of study
    • A certificate of completion at end of program, tshirt, and recognition as first┬ámembers of inaugural class

We hope you will consider participating or sharing this message with others in your network who may be interested.

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