Welcome Andrew Davis to the SmarterServices Team

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We are super excited to welcome our newest team member, Andrew Davis. As our SmarterProctoring Project manager he will be working hard to fully launch this service, build the database, and educate the higher ed community about the best option in proctoring. Welcome aboard, Andrew!

1. Question: What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited and why?

Answer: Santa Maria De Dota, Costa Rica. It’s a coffee plantation region in the mountains of Costa Rica. The views are UNBELIEVABLE and the weather stays 75 degrees year round…..need I say more?

2. Question: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Answer: I honestly don’t know that I have one. My drama teacher in high school always told me “Never miss the opportunity to make a fool of yourself.” and I’ve kind of been living by that motto ever sense.

3. Question: If you could dine with someone who is deceased who would it be and why?

Answer: I would have to say Jesus on this one even though he is only kind of deceased. I think it would be cool to sit down with him and hear things from his perspective and hopefully have some light hearted table conversation

4. Question: What is the one thing you love to do and wish you had more time to spend doing?

Answer: Golfing

5. Question: What is your favorite decade? Why?

Answer: The current one, because we don’t know how it’s going to turn out yet 🙂

6. Question: Name one thing that you’ve done that was on your bucket list.

Answer: Going overseas on a mission trip. Ive now been on two, one to Peru and one to Costa Rica.

7. Question: What is your biggest fear?

Answer: Spiders…Anything that has 8 legs and up to 8 eyes, one word….Creepy

8. Question: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Answer: Astronaut

9. Question: What is your favorite meal?

Answer: Coconut Shrimp & Steak, The sides don’t matter

10. Question: Who is your favorite person?

Answer: My mom…Don’t tell here I said that though ;)….She has always taught me to do whats right and showed me to be a servant of all.

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