Mississippi State Virtual Community Colleges (MSVCC) Pilots SmarterProctoring™ across Statewide Consortium

Consortium administrators report time savings and improved efficiency with implementation of customizable Process Proctoring Management System™

Prattville, AL / October 20, 2015 / SmarterServices, LLC, provider of eLearning applications, today announced that it has partnered with the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) to provide online access to its Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) students through advanced technology and shared resources.   The MSVCC is a consortium composed of each of the 15 community colleges in the state.  Each semester, more than 30,000 students enroll in the MSVCC with more than 1,500 instructors teaching courses. Through this partnership, the MCCB is piloting a statewide implementation of SmarterServices’ SmarterProctoring™ system in all 15 of its schools.

SmarterProctoring™ is a complete Proctoring Process Management System™. It provides a Learning Management System (LMS) integration that facilitates all phases of the proctoring process with daily access and robust reports for students, faculty, proctors, and administrators. Through this pilot, the MCCB has standardized and streamlined its proctoring process statewide. In the first nine months of the pilot alone, more than 161,000 exams have been administered, and that total is estimated to reach 250,000 by year end.

“Our eLearning program continues to grow and our schools felt overwhelmed with all the tasks associated with scheduling, approving proctors, and helping students navigate the testing process,” explains Ms. Audra Kimble, Assistant Executive Director of eLearning & Instructional Technology at the MCCB. “SmarterProctoring alleviated this administrative headache by centralizing all these systems and functions. And it’s flexible—we were able to customize standards to give all 15 schools autonomy.”

SmarterProctoring™ manages the entire proctoring workflow—proctor approval, exam scheduling, faculty-student communications, exam submission—for multiple modalities, including: instructor as proctor, MSVCC testing centers, third-party testing centers, approved human proctors, and virtual proctoring. Of particular benefit to the MCCB is its ability to facilitate test center registration for students taking courses at multiple colleges, taking into consideration process rules for both institutions.

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Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) is a consortium of Mississippi’s 15 community colleges that makes it possible for these colleges to leverage their distance learning resources—including faculty, courses, support services, and technology.  Established in the mid-1990’s its mission is to provide educational opportunities to constituencies by providing access to instructional offerings through advanced technologies for those individuals who currently cannot take advantage of the offerings of the community and junior college through traditional means and to those individuals who are seeking alternative educational delivery systems.