Middlesex College Dramatically Reduces Failure Rate Among
Online Students with SmarterMeasure™ Learning Readiness Indicator

To create a culture of academic support and reduce the overall failure rate among more than 1100 online students, Middlesex College used the SmarterMeasure learning readiness indicator. After implementing SmarterMeasure for online enrollees, the institution’s own records indicate that the percentage of students failing online classes was cut in half.

About the College
Middlesex Community College – a public institution founded in 1966 in Middletown, Connecticut – is part of a twelve-college state system. The college currently enrolls 3000 credit students and 1700 non-credit students per semester. Operating from a main campus and two satellite locations, the college currently issues Associate’s degrees in more than 25 disciplines within the arts and sciences. As of 2011, the college enrolled more than 1100 students who take full online courses–accounting for approximately 14% of all student enrollments in for-credit courses. The college’s distance-learning department employs two full-time staff members and two associates in support of online offerings.