Odessa College Increases Student Enrollment, Retention, and Success with SmarterMeasure™

Faced with high attrition rates among a largely adult minority student population with less-traditional work schedules, Odessa College used SmarterMeasure and flexible class terms to help student succeed. As a result, students taking online classes have gained confidence and greatly increased awareness of their own capabilities and responsibilities.

About the College
Odessa College–a public two-year junior college established in West Texas 1946–has seen a 22% increase in enrollment since 2007 and currently serves close to 6,000 total students. The college serves a largely adult, minority population –with 65% of all students being over the age of 22 and a 56% total minority student body. Due to the local demographics and industry of the West Texas region, the college’s unique student population is significantly affected by employment numbers in the oil industry. Employment fluctuation in the oil fields can greatly impact the college’s enrollment numbers.