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The SmarterAssessments™ platform is designed to help organizations measure the readiness and performance of their learners, faculty, and programs across a range of standardized and customer-developed assessments.  SmarterAssessments™ enables an institution to develop and deploy a range of standardized and customer-developed assessments through a single secure platform; helping mitigate risk, optimize scale and identify opportunities for cost savings.

SmarterAssessments™ is flexible in order to empower organizations to develop and deploy assessments that meet individual needs. This includes using its suite of readiness assessments, creating custom content or combining both for a broader, holistic end-to-end solution. This flexibility offers an organization a full suite of assessment options and capabilities that make it easier to manage and measure the performance of their learners, faculty, and programs.

SmarterAssessments™ is a completely customizable assessment engine that allows clients to author their own assessments and/or edit assessments and their score reports from other sources.  The score report generator is a “blank page” which allows clients format and populate a score report as they consider best.  Scores can be reported at any level (individual item, sub-scale, scale or aggregate) with diagnostic and prescriptive feedback that can be multimedia (text, audio, images, video).

As educational institutions and professional organizations seeking to improve the performance and readiness of faculty, learners, and employees, SmarterAssessments™ is there to help facilitate this objective and is supported by many unique and advantageous features and capabilities.

Its library of assessments consists of SmarterMeasure™, a portfolio of standardized readiness assessments that measure non-cognitive skills (LRI, CBERI, and TTRI ) and cognitive skills (Math, Reading).  In addition to its collection of proven and trusted standardized readiness assessments, SmarterAssessments™ allows customers to modify these assessments to reflect their individual objectives, as well as, develop their own custom assessments to measure additional skills and attributes they are interested in evaluating.