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SmarterID - Facial Recognition User Authentication

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SmarterID - User Authentication System

SmarterID is a cutting edge user authentication system that uses facial recognition to validate identity and document attendance. It can be used inside SmarterProctoring or as a standalone application. Due to federal regulations with financial aid, it is critical that schools are actively verifying student’s identity which is difficult to do with students doing coursework remotely outside the classroom. Our state of the art system requires no change in delivery method or modifications of course design. After a brief initial setup that includes taking a picture of a valid ID and uploading it, a student is “registered” in the system and ready to go.

Facial Recognition Identity Verification

Why use SmarterID for User Authentication?

User Authentication

Low friction authentication process


View short video of authentication session


Unique liveness check and spoof detection


Instant flagging and alerts of suspicious activity


Robust reporting including detailed user activity report


Customizable per course