SmarterMeasure is a web-based assessment that measures non-cognitive attributes, technical skills, and readiness for online and self-regulated learning. Students receive a detailed report of their results with positive reinforcement and helpful resources. Since developed in 2002, SmarterMeasure has been taken by over 5 million students.

Benefits of SmarterMeasure

Easy Integration

Integrates easily into third-party technologies with a clean and simple interface

Improved Retention

Informs decision-making on how to improve retention

Industry Leader

First readiness assessment to market and an industry leader

Proactive Intervention

Helps school leaders identify at-risk students for proactive intervention

Increased Awareness

Improves students’ awareness of personal challenges that may impact their success


Makes the advising experience more personal and efficient

SmarterMeasure Features

  • Customized delivery via LMS integration, single-sign-on, or custom user interface
  • Immediate graphical and textual feedback, suggestions for improvement, and resources for support in student report
  • Collects student data which is exportable in aggregate
  • Measures up to 10 areas of learner readiness

Measures Several Components of Learning Readiness

  • Life factors
  • Individual attributes
  • Learning styles
  • Technical competency
  • Technical knowledge
  • On-screen reading rate and recall
  • Typing speed and accuracy
  • LMS competency

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